Alliance Press Release

​TrustiPhi, LLC, industry experts in trusted computing and hardware-based embedded security design and ENSCO, Inc., a leader in the development of safety-critical avionics solutions, today announced a technology alliance to offer DO-326A security solutions to the aerospace industry. This close working relationship leverages the more ENSCO systems and software development, verification and certification expertise, with TrustiPhi’s innovative approaches to security technology integration in next-generation computing products.

The goal of this collaboration is to provide services to help aerospace and defense companies design and validate security architectures, enhance device security, and build security-enabled products. Through a careful evaluation of system security needs, theTrustiPhi and ENSCO team will support the design of cost-effective security enhancements to enable the rapid development of secure airborne systems with built-in protections from system security threats.

Services offered under this alliance include:

  • DO-326A system security gap analysis
  • DO-326A security requirements guidance
  • Security risk assessment and threat analysis
  • Chip-level, system-level, and platform-level security architecture and design
  • Secure avionics software and firmware design and development
  • Security design verification and validation support

“As aircraft become more connected, the threats and vulnerabilities to avionics systems grow, resulting in security design becoming essential,” said Jay Ficarro, Director of Avionics Solutions, ENSCO. “By leveraging our avionics engineering background with TrustiPhi’s trusted computing and embedded security design expertise, we will enable our clients to safely develop and protect their avionics systems and subsystems in a manner that doesn’t impact performance or reliability.”

​”E-enabled aircraft provide many benefits to both operators and passengers, but the development of these open systems must be done with DO-326A compliance in mind,” said Andy VanDamia, Vice President of Product Development, TrustiPhi.  “Our relationship with ENSCO will help companies develop and tailor these systems with security protections, while not adding a heavy burden to product development costs and schedules.”