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The Platform for Secure Deployment

and Management of IoT Devices

Your endpoint product – whether it’s a video camera, smart meter, sensor, or automotive EIC – needs to be securely managed, wherever it is deployed. Solution builders and users of fleets like you can take advantage of Triathlon, a cloud platform from TrustiPhi that provides an easy, straightforward means to deploy and manage the security features of thousands – or many thousands – of physically remote Micron Authenta-enabled devices.

The Triathlon platform is now in pre-release for qualified users of Authenta.

Triathlon puts Authenta into action

Triathlon is the complete end-to-end cloud-enabled solution for centralized management and automatic deployment of connected devices, designed for secure management and use of hardware-based endpoint security technologies including both Micron’s Authenta and Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs).

As the medium to connect Triathlon to your endpoint devices, we offer the TrustiPhi Cloud, which enables these features of Triathlon Manager: Certificate generation and management, device updates, and ongoing device management.

About Authenta

TrustiPhi was chosen by Micron as its development partner for Authenta, a next-generation security technology that is integrated into flash memory chips, and answers a fundamental question of trusted computing: “Is this device compromised?” It’s a critical point, given that nation-states and [very] organized crime will focus intensely on compromising IoT endpoints, from security cameras to control (SCADA and/or DER) systems and smart meters for the energy sector, not to mention the ubiquitous video doorbells.


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