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The Platform that Puts Authenta into Action

Triathlon is the complete end-to-end cloud-enabled solution for automatic deployment and secure management and use of hardware-based endpoint security technologies including both Micron’s Authenta and Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs).

Triathlon will run as a hosted service or an on-premises, self-administered version. A full enterprise license is also available.

The Platform for Secure Management of Connected Devices 

Building Authenta into the security architecture, for many, will be a cost-effective and strategically wise first step to maintain security and control of new endpoint products. That’s not enough, however.  

The Missing Element for the Internet of Things

The IoT lacks a massively scalable, easy to use, security-centric management platform to help manufacture, deploy, provision and keep secure the entire range of IoT endpoints. Products incorporating Authenta need this capability as much as endpoints that have a different – or no – security architecture.  

TrustiPhi has designed and is delivering a secure management platform for Authenta-based products which addresses this need: Triathlon for Authenta.  

Triathlon can be run as a hosted service or an on-premises, self-administered version. A full enterprise license will also be available. 

As leading experts on Authenta and IoT security, TrustiPhi has designed Triathlon to easily and simply carry out important security-related functions at each step in the lifecycle of IoT endpoint products: 

  • Pre-assembly in the supply chain 
  • Secure agent provisioning and installation 
  • Deployment
  • Ongoing management with secure updates 
  • Decommissioning and removal of the device from service 

 Who is Triathlon for?  

Triathlon is designed for organizations that: 

  • Manage and operate endpoint devices which incorporate Micron Authenta and/or TPM-based hardware security.  
  • Manufacturers of endpoint devices 
  • Producers of any component of an endpoint product that requires on-board security. 

For more information on Triathlon for Authenta and to request a live demo, contact TrustiPhi at info@trustiphi.com