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Put Authenta into Action

Triathlon is the complete end-to-end cloud-enabled solution for automatic deployment and secure management and use of Micron’s hardware-based endpoint security technology – Authenta.

Triathlon will run as a hosted service or can be self-administered. A full enterprise license is also available.

The Platform for Secure Management of Connected Devices 

Building Authenta into the security architecture is a cost-effective and strategically wise first step to improve security and control of many new endpoint products. But that’s not enough.

The Missing Element for the Internet of Things

Even with Authenta, companies need to securely deploy, configure, and manage their entire range of IoT endpoints.

As leading experts on Authenta, TrustiPhi designed Triathlon to address this need.

Triathlon makes all the security-related functions of Authenta easy and simple to manage, at each step in the life cycle of IoT endpoint products: 

  • Pre-assembly in the supply chain 
  • Secure agent provisioning and installation 
  • Device profile configuration
  • Deployment
  • Ongoing management with secure updates 
  • Decommissioning the device

 Who is Triathlon for?  

Triathlon is designed for organizations that: 

  • Manage and operate endpoint devices which incorporate Micron Authenta and will take advantage of its hardware security  
  • Manufacture endpoint devices 
  • Produce any component that requires on-board security

For more information on Triathlon for Authenta and to request a live demo, email to info@hardwarelevelsecurity.com