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What is TrustiPhication?

TrustiPhication is the process by which trustworthy processes and capabilities are incorporated into a product or solution. The (kind of) clever name was created to pique your curiosity, but the concept is actually extremely powerful and surprisingly underutilized. Far too many connected devices today lack the capabilities and the surrounding infrastructure to provide the needed security to keep us and our data safe. We are here to change that.

In the days when most devices were isolated to closed networks and direct physical connections,  the primary focus was on user authentication, not device authentication or device integrity. Trustworthiness of devices was not generally an issue. Vendors either didn’t worry about device trustworthiness at all, or they integrated their own proprietary security solutions into their devices. Attacks on most devices themselves tended to be isolated and limited in scope. This lack of focus on device trustworthiness has carried over into many new connected products exposing both manufacturers and their customers to the realistic cybersecurity threats of today.

Today, with the explosive growth of connected devices creating the “Internet of Things” (IoT), many vendors have failed to recognize that device trustworthiness is an essential characteristic. Without it, attackers are increasingly able to penetrate networks and systems. That’s where we come in. For new products, we can build a secure foundation that maximizes trust. For existing products, we can help you find the best way to retrofit and/or enhance your solution to create as much trust and security as is feasible.

Trustworthy Capabilities

There are many technologies and tools that can be used to improve the security of your devices.  When used appropriately, these technologies and tools can create “trustworthy capabilities” that you and your customers rely on.  These capabilities vary depending on the type of device, its environment, the usage model and the constraints of what the device is capable of.  Some of the key capabilities we can incorporate in your products include:

  • Device integrity
  • Device identification & authentication
  • Trusted boot
  • Secure boot
  • Network access control (e.g. using Trusted Network Connect (TNC))
  • Secure provisioning schemes – local & remote
  • Data encryption
  • Data integrity
  • User authentication
  • “Sealing” data to a platform
  • Binding peripherals to a platform
  • Trusted software/firmware update
  • Key and certificate management
  • One-time-password authentication
  • Virtual token

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