Authenta Integration Services

TrustiPhi will help develop your vision

What can your product become with Authenta embedded?

Work with the team that helped Micron develop Authenta

Fully able to exploit all the potential advantages of Authenta

From product concept to fully Authenta-enabled fleets of IoT endpoints.

Leapfrog product development delays and risks. Embed Micron Authenta and manage it with Triathlon from TrustiPhi.

The best Micron
Authenta expertise available

Authenta and Triathlon can work together to enable the transformation of your product from just a physical device to an ongoing revenue stream.

TrustiPhi, an authority on Micron Authenta™, provides strategy, engineering and development services to leverage the value-add security capabilities of Authenta in your products.

Today, you can select Micron Authenta, which integrates security functions into flash memory that fits into a standard socket, as the “no additional hardware” security solution for your endpoint products, knowing that TrustiPhi has the engineeering resources and unmatched know-how to take you from product security architecture to market readiness.

Micron Authenta is ready to work for you.
Are you ready for Authenta to secure your products?

Outside of Micron itself, TrustiPhi has the world’s deepest and most comprehensive Authenta expertise on staff. Everything your Authenta-based product needs from a security standpoint, including capabilities to provision and securely update firmware and low-level software, TrustiPhi can provide.


TrustiPhi has the capabilities to realize the vision of your Product Development team, maximizing the business and security value of the Micron Authenta processor. From strategy formation to the details of control software and embedded firmware development.


We bring specialized experience and practical engineering, with expertise in Windows, Linux, RTOS, Android, iOS and non-OS environments. We can deliver:

  • Device drivers
  • Hardware Security Modules
  • Security & cryptographic peripherals

Your TrustiPhi team can deliver key management at the platform, client, and server levels, custom-designed or by integrating existing partner technology.

  • Platform-level control software
  • Embedded firmware development

Micron developed Authenta with the capability for attestation. Its security module can self-report possible tampering or a suspected compromise. TrustiPhi helps you derive business value from this integrity monitoring and secure over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates.

Establish Long-Term Market Advantage.
Embed Authenta Now

Our Authenta experts can map the process for you and help crystallize your vision for leveraging Authenta to add ongoing revenue streams to your physical products.


TrustiPhi can discuss your security enablement requirements in a no-obligation meeting. If indicated, the next step for a new client is usually a four- to six-week Security Review and Assessment. To reach out to us, using our Contact page will be most efficient for you, and we’ll respond promptly.

You can also email us to start the conversation, at