TrustiPhi presents:

Authenta Customer Blueprints

Duration: 34 minutes
Technical: Beyond a Doubt
Who’s Presenting: Ari Singer, CTO, TrustiPhi

What You’ll See: Nitty-gritty details of how you’d actually interact with Authenta (using Triathlon Integration Suite) throughout the development cycle.

Abstract: Authenta Cloud Platform customers are some of the industry’s most pioneering companies pushing forward the next generation of connected products and services at the edge. This ranges from the data centers lowering operation costs and deploying innovative business models, like Bare-Metal-as-a-Service, to the auto OEMs supporting Mobility-as-a-Service trends.

All of these use cases require foundational trust layers for the secure assembly and manufacturing of final products and systems. We will walk through these customer blueprints, or use cases, and explore how they are leveraging Authenta Cloud Platform with their architectures to secure the edge.

TrustiPhi presents:

DEMO: Secure Device (Authenta) Configuration using the Triathlon Platform

Duration: 28 minutes
Technical: Definitely Yes
Who’s Presenting: Ari Singer, CTO, TrustiPhi

What You’ll See: Step by step, see Triathlon in action, putting Authenta into action. Lock blocks, platform identity, and more.

Abstract: One Achilles’ heel of the cybersecurity industry is that establishing trust has always been expensive, complex, and untimely.  Semiconductors have a fragmentation problem, creating challenges for embedded security experts.

Meanwhile, cloud platforms want to speak a single API language that is hardware agnostic.  But there has been no strong ecosystem force to unify the two species.  We are thus left with a DIY approach for the vast majority of products and services today.

Enter the Authenta Triathlon platform. We will demonstrate how this collaborative platform enables standard JEDEC memories to unite to speak the same security language for any cloud platform, greatly simplifying the process from design to secure deployment of services.

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