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August 27, 2021

Announcing Triathlon

TrustiPhi developed Triathlon, the IOT security management platform, to easily and quickly configure, provision and manage the hardware security capabilities of fleets of IoT endpoint devices and products. Read the full announcement




Put Authenta into Action – An introduction to Triathlon, the IOT cloud platform for deployment and management of security capabilities in Micron Authenta. If you are not yet familiar with Authenta, it will be helpful for you to first look at downloads 2 and 3 here. 

Drop-In Solution: Hardware-Level Security for the IoT

A quick, basic introduction to Micron Authenta and how, in combination with Triathlo, it offers a low-cost, near-term drop-in solution for adding hardware-level security to connected devices. 


Embed Authenta, Manage It With Triathlon – The Why, How, and When of embedding hardware-level security in your endpoint products.

This detailed Q&A covers the essential business and technical points on embedding Micron Authenta – and the opportunities it opens up for you.

Make Connected Devices More Secure with NetFoundry, TrustiPhi and Micron

This joint brief published by NetFoundry and TrustiPhi shows how solutions built on Micron Authenta, NetFoundry networks and Triathlon by TrustiPhi offer a highly secure, practical approach for a wide variety of use cases in manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, retails, health care, and others.

In many cases, Authenta + Triathlon can greatly reduce development time, costs, and risks while solving fleet security management challenges.