Put Authenta into Action
Manage the IoT Device Security Life Cycle

The TRIATHLONtm Platform

Deploy and update an entire fleet securely. Monitor device integrity.

is the extensible, end-to-end cloud-enabled solution
that enables and simplifies security management and automatic deployment
of connected devices equipped with hardware-based endpoint security technologies
including MicronTM Authenta secure flash.


Triathlon is designed to be simple and scalable, making it cost-efficient and reliable to manage the high-value security functions of embedded security in a few devices, or across tens of thousands.


Triathlon lets the authorized operator easily handle otherwise complex tasks leading up to deployment of an IoT device, such as establishing Secure Boot, and Load & Lock of an initial secure flash image.


Easily specify and propagate secure over-the-air (OTA) firmware and software updates or device integrity monitoring, so devices can alert an authorized caretaker of attempted compromise.


With the right security, a physical IoT product can evolve into an ongoing revenue stream. Triathlon is designed to enable that transformation by facilitating secured communications,

TriathlonTM Activator provisions device security,
individually or at scale.

Then Triathlon Fleet ManagerTM manages devices once they are deployed, with secure updates and monitoring.

IoT Security Management Platform for Devices and Fleets

TriathlonTM Puts Authenta into Action

Your endpoint product – whether it’s a video camera, smart meter, sensor, or automotive EIC – needs to be securely managed, wherever it is deployed. Solution builders and users of fleets like you can take advantage of Triathlon, a cloud platform from TrustiPhi that provides an easy, straightforward means to deploy and manage the security features of thousands – or many thousands – of physically remote Micron Authenta-enabled devices.

The Triathlon platform is now available to Authenta users and prospective users.

Incorporate hardware-level security. Reap the benefits.

Triathlon gives you simplified control over hardware security.

Request a demo of Triathlon Activator – for provisioning of Authenta-equipped devices – and the full Triathlon Fleet Manager.

For OEMs

Use Triathlon Activator, the entry application, to quickly activate, configure, and provision Authenta at any time from pre-assembly to post-delivery. Triathlon Activator gives you flexibility to meet the needs of each major customer, at a very reasonable cost, regardless of your production volume.

Guarantee supply-chain purity, use it if you need it, and detect counterfeit parts more easily.

Owners / Operators of IoT Device Fleets

Now, with Triathlon Fleet Manager, our flagship solution, you can manage the most detailed security functionality across large device fleets. Handle all the security operations in-house, or assign them to TrustiPhi to manage, or even engage a trusted third-party or OEM.

Device Manufacturers

Incorporate hardware-level security with no changes to form factor, assembly line, or the bill of materials (BOM). Triathlon Activator prepares your product for secure deployment.

Meet stringent compliance requirements quickly and without risk with innovative technology from a global manufacturer that offers value-add capabilities, like the ability to monitor all devices for tampering.

Creators of Device-Based Services That Require Security

Get imaginative. Any service that was held back by security requirements may now be practical, simpler, and cost-effective with Micron Authenta. Elevate a hardware unit into an ongoing revenue stream with important product differentiators.

The full
life cycle

TriathlonTM manages hardware-level security capabilities throughout the device life cycle from pre-assembly to deployment, years of operation protected by Authenta, and decommissioning.

Triathlon was created by Authenta experts at TrustiPhi to unlock the capabilities of this innovative hardware.

Tap the versatility of Authenta

  • Drop-in solution for Secure Boot
  • Allocate memory blocks with a visual chip map
  • Load and Lock a secure flash image
  • Create and configure security management profiles for one device, a product line, or any range of Authenta keys
  • Secure over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates
  • Attestation for device integrity monitoring, with exceptions alerting
  • Secure communications

As the Day One application to provision Authenta-enabled devices, we offer Triathlon Activator, which readies your device for deployment. From deployment and through the device life cycle, Triathlon Fleet Manager – which also includes all Triathlon Activator functionality – handles certificate generation and management, device updates and monitoring, and ongoing management of security capabilities on each device.

Triathlon Activator –
Point and click navigation for rapid setup of security features via device profiles

Triathlon Fleet Manager –
* Propagate firmware and software changes automatically across fleets
* Easily monitor device and configuration status