Triathlon Fleet Manager

Security for the life cycle of all devices

Device owner and operators – and service providers –
can securely deliver firmware updates, monitor device integrity,
and more using TriathlonTM Fleet Manager.

Triathlon Fleet Manager – as the name indicates – lets you easily manage security functions such as provisioning, configuration, OTA updates, and device integrity monitoring for fleets of devices. The devices that are managed need to incorporate hardware-level or equivalent security such as Micron Authenta, trusted platform modules, or other hardware components. The capabilities that Triathlon Fleet Manager delivers are called the Device Security Management Service, and are licensed on a per-device basis for unlimited usage for each activated device.

How is TriathlonTM Fleet Manager different from Triathlon Activator?

Triathlon Fleet Manager is an end-to-end solution for managing security throughout the life cycle of devices. Triathlon Activator is a subset of Fleet Manager, designed to take Authenta-equipped devices smoothly through all the necessary security tasks leading up to deployment. Triathlon Activator is typically used to execute provision each device a single time. By contrast, Triathlon Fleet Manager enables owner/operators to deliver ongoing:

  • Secure over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates to Authenta processors
  • Secure processing of new software certificates
  • Device integrity monitoring and exceptions reports that show which devices may have been compromised or experienced likely tampering.

Triathlon Fleet Manager is designed to be used throughout — and to secure — the life cycle of devices that have embedded hardware security. Triathlon Activator is the entry application which OEMs typically will use to initially provision their products that have Authenta embedded. For more on Activator…

Secure Deployment, Provisioning, Ongoing Protection and Compliance

Triathlon is the enterprise solution to secure the life cycle of devices – and entire fleets of devices. As a platform, Triathlon combines a device management portal, visual representations of specific operations, complete understanding of the hardware security features (Authenta or TPM) and how to implement them, a device database, and a complete interface designed for non-engineering staff.

Simple, intuitive allocation and locking of memory blocks.

When you are ready to elevate your product – and empower it to securely generate revenue – let us demonstrate how Triathlon Fleet Manager lets you easily and simply tap all the capabilities of your hardware-level security.

From Deployment to Decomission

  • Carries out secure over-the-air (OTA) updates of firmware and software
  • Works with embedded hardware to monitor device integrity
  • Automates management of fleet security

TriathlonTM Fleet Manager is available in on-premises licensed, as well as SaaS-based subscription delivery format.