About Authenta

A Leap of Innovation

Security in a flash. Literally.

Micron Authenta – Protection for Connected Devices at the Lowest Layers

Authenta™ technology provides a unique level of protection for the lowest layers of Internet of Things (IoT) device software—starting with the boot process. Utilizing existing standard flash memory form factors, developers can strengthen system-level cybersecurity without adding additional hardware components, leading to a more affordable and robust IoT solution.

Authenta is an innovative processor from Micron that includes a built-in security element which enables a range of sophisticated and critical security operations to protect the Authenta processor’s flash memory.

No Additional Hardware

Authenta has security features built natively in flash memory, enabling advanced system-level protection with hardware roots of trust, without adding any new hardware components.

  • Robust security below the operating system
  • From supply chain through full device life cycle
Make Security a Differentiator

Authenta introduces the unique concept of a data asset that plays an integral role in its own security. 

When coupled with the right management software, Authenta can support new features and services – even new business models – for endpoint products.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Scalable to even small embedded devices, Authenta helps lower total cost to implement and manage strong security and defense-in-depth strategies. Usually, no hardware change or security integration is required.

Compare Authenta to Trusted Platform Modules (TPM).

Transform: Add Services Revenue

With the right security, a physical IoT product can evolve into an ongoing revenue stream. Pair Authenta with TrustiPhi’s Triathlon platform to enable that transformation with secured communications, tamper-proof decrementing usage counters, and other options.

The benefits of incorporating Authenta fall into two categories: security value, and potential added revenue from new product-based services. These benefits have yet to be quantified, but could potentially far outweigh all the combined cost factors. Note that the BOM and form-factor costs are essentially zero. This diagram is representative, and not to scale.

Embed Micron Authenta. Reap the benefits.

Authenta: A practical security solution for today.

Simplicity and Lower Cost

TrustiPhi worked closely with Micron during the development of Authenta, a next-generation security technology that is integrated into flash memory chips. Authenta answers a fundamental question of trusted computing:

“Is this device compromised?”

It’s a very important point. Nation-states and organized crime will focus intensely on compromising IoT endpoints, from security cameras to control (SCADA and/or DER) systems and smart meters for the energy sector, not to mention the ubiquitous video doorbells and quite likely, military components.


Authenta Benefits

  • 5 Roots of Trust built in
  • Drop-in solution for Secure Boot
  • Capable of receiving secure OTA firmware and software updates
  • Capable of attestation and detecting/reporting attempted compromise  

No Incremental Cost Until You Activate the Security Features

Until you activate the security module in Authenta via its secure Micron key, the cost is basically the same as conventional flash memory, because the security capabilities are essentially in hibernation.

Transform Devices into Ongoing Revenue Streams

The next few years will see an explosion in services based on interaction with – and data from – IoT endpoints. These services can generate major value and revenue that exceeds the value of the devices themselves – but only if the devices and communication with them are secure.  

No risk, and no BOM impact, from embedding the Authenta flash memory with built-in security.

Micron Authenta can be provisioned and made ready for secure operation, using Triathlon Activator.

For more information, or to set up a demonstration of Triathlon Activator and Triathlon Fleet Manager, contact us: info@trustiphi.com