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The Company

Founded in 2014, TrustiPhi meets the most exacting needs of technology-focused customers, including global leaders, in these complementary areas: 

  • Specialized engineering expertise in hardware-based security, particularly in security enablement of new products coming to market. 
  • A platform for the simple, economical secure management of security and other aspects of Internet of Things endpoint devices that our customers produce and/or manage. Now at the point of commercial release, the Triathlon platform makes possible the secure deploymentoperation, and updating of IoT endpoints throughout their life cyle. 


TrustiPhi’s cross-functional team of senior security specialists, software engineers and product managers have envisioned, architected and developed security products and subsystems for some of the world’s largest technology companies as well as the US government and US military. For more…


Outstanding engineering talent is always of interest to TrustiPhiTo investigate joining an elite team that constantly pushes the envelope forward in hardware security and IoT applications, please make contact with us.  For more…

Track Record  

The aggregate track record, experience and qualifications of the TrustiPhi engineering teams span industries and applications, from biometrics to cyber resiliency. More…