Security Architecture and Technology Integration

TrustiPhi delivers

Advanced security architecture and design

We integrate or develop:

Hardware-based security for digital devices that may be subject to attack

Secure protection mechanisms and cryptographic solutions

Protection for data at rest, in transit, and in process

We provide tailored solutions at the chip, system, and network levels.

TrustiPhi has an extensive track record of working successfully with global technology leaders.

Incorporate security from the ground up

Build the security stack right. Start at the hardware level.

Security Hardware Technology Integration

Designing security architectures requires extensive knowledge of established and emerging options that are (1) available, (2) trustworthy, and (3) practical from economic, design, and manufacturing viewpoints. Systems are only as secure as the foundations on which they are built. TrustiPhi leverages built-in and hardware-based security technologies to build trustworthy systems. We bring deep expertise and a proven track record integrating a wide variety of security hardware technologies including:

  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • Secure biometric sensor identification systems
  • Platform anti-subversion mechanisms
  • Hardware Security Modules (HSM) Platform security technologies (e.g. Intel TxT)
  • Secure removable devices (e.g. smart cards, OTP tokens, USB dongles, secure microSD)
  • Compartmentalized secure processing architecture
  • Self-Encrypting Drives (SED)
  • Other trust anchors and hardware roots of trust

We can assess your project needs, and show you how we have already solved similar challenges efficiently for other technology companies. The reason that organizations like Micron, Intel, MicroChip, Idex, and Smartmatic – among others – turn to TrustiPhi is simple: we have the specific expertise and experience to complete these projects for them with less cost, less time, and lower risk.

When you are ready to discuss your security challenge and requirements, please reach out to us. You can use our Contact page or simply email us at: