TrustiPhi Announces Triathlon™, the IoT Security Management Platform for Micron® Authenta™

TriathlonTM Will Enable OEMs and Device Operators to Easily Deploy Fleets of Micron Authenta-Equipped IoT Devices and Securely Manage Their Life Cycle

August 21, 2021 – TrustiPhi today announced its TriathlonTM for Micron AuthentaTM solution for manufacturers and OEMs of endpoint products, operators of Internet of Things (IoT) device fleets, and providers of services that require hardware-level device security.  Triathlon, designed as the IoT security management platform that Puts Authenta Into Action, makes it easier and simpler to overcome the global challenge of the insecure IoT by incorporating Micron AuthentaTM into new products and leveraging its capabilities to meet compliance requirements, harden devices against tampering, safeguard IoT device fleets, and make new services and business models feasible.

TriathlonTM manages the security foundation built into Authenta flash memory processors, enabling device makers and owners to rapidly provision, deploy, register, configure and manage the security features, monitor device integrity, and update firmware and software in products or devices. Triathlon is the only comprehensive management platform available for Authenta-enabled devices.

Triathlon, now available to be demonstrated upon request, will be available from TrustiPhi as well as selected partners and VARs.

“Authenta represents a new, innovative class of hardware security and is a major addition to trusted computing,” said Ari Singer, CTO of TrustiPhi. It “offers significant advantages to most OEMs and makers of IoT devices. Our Triathlon solution combined with Authenta empowers the IoT ecosystem to build in robust security at the silicon level and manage security simply throughout the device lifecycle.”

Authenta and Triathlon will be used together to deploy and manage IoT devices in a wide range of industries and products.

Companies and government agencies, defense, critical infrastructure operators, telecom providers, OEMs and manufacturers are now actively evaluating Authenta for inclusion in millions of devices.

“Triathlon enables Micron OEMs, manufacturers, owners and operators to take maximum advantage of the security capabilities that Authenta delivers,” said Andy VanDamia, VP of Product Development, TrustiPhi. “All types of devices that incorporate Authenta-enabled flash memory can now be easily, rapidly, and securely configured, deployed, monitored and updated. The Triathlon platform represents over 20 engineer-years of work, including TrustiPhi’s close collaboration with Micron in the development of Authenta itself.”

Capabilities of Triathlon Activator and Triathlon Fleet Manager

The flagship Triathlon product is Triathlon Fleet Manager, which handles operations from start to finish of the device life cycle. A subset of Fleet Manager is Triathlon Activator, which manages activation, configuration, provisioning and deployment of Authenta-based devices. Triathlon Fleet Manager goes further to enable simplified management of ongoing firmware updates and device integrity monitoring of fleets of IoT devices.

Fleet Manager empowers operators to manage keys for secure operation of – and secure communications with – IoT devices with these capabilities:

  • Device authentication
  • Device authorization
  • Device-side platform integrity [utilizing Micron Authenta’s attestation capability] monitoring
  • Key management and control
  • Ongoing secure updates of software and firmware
  • Management of Authenta capabilities to secure communication from device to cloud

Assistance for specialized implementations and more complex use cases is available from TrustiPhi

TrustiPhi has also launched the Trusted IoT Fleet Program for Authenta, which includes expert engineering and services, guiding OEMs and device manufacturers through the development journey. TrustiPhi can seamlessly architect and integrate Authenta into their product lines, and provide Triathlon for deployment and ongoing security management of endpoint devices.

Background: Authenta and hardware-level security for IoT endpoints

With Authenta, Micron has answered the longstanding demand by OEMs to efficiently deliver hardware- based security and lifecycle management into new and existing security-enabled products, by co-locating security protection and assets (data and applications) in ubiquitous flash memory. Authenta delivers a new grade of protection for the lowest level of IoT devices, starting with the boot process, and enables developers to strengthen system-level cybersecurity without adding hardware components, using standard flash memory.

Support for the Emerging Authenta Ecosystem

TrustiPhi works collaboratively with other companies that supply solutions and tools which are complementary to Authenta. Current partners include NetFoundry, Fornetix, and other participants in an Authenta ecosystem that is taking shape.

About TrustiPhi

TrustiPhi, maker of Triathlon, The IoT Security Management Platform, helps leaders in technology bring more secure products to market more rapidly, at lower cost. TrustiPhi leverages leading-edge security technology such as Micron AuthentaTM, trusted platform modules, and other hardware security modules, combined with its proprietary middleware, team expertise, and track record in developing security that has shipped in hundreds of millions of devices. For more about TrustiPhi, visit

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